The Great Escape

A balanced and refreshing creation for all you sherry lovers with a slightly sweeter tooth. With the rise in popularity amongst the sherry & tonic and the Rebujito, this offers something new that is of a similar style, but utilising a completely different Sherry style… go on give it a go! Big thanks to Ferdia Murray from The American Bar at The Savoy for bringing this into our lives.


What you need:

50ml Nectar Pedro Ximénez
25ml Pineapple Infused Dry Vermouth
10ml Mezcal
10ml Citric Acid Solution
70ml Tonic Water

How to make it:

Stir all the ingredients together (except the tonic) with ice and then strain over block ice into a clear highball. Top with tonic water and stir once to combine the ingredients. Express the oils of the peel of Papeda over the glass and then discard.