Take yourself back to Jerez with this Ventura cocktail – a delicious concoction of Sherry and calvados; taking it up a notch with homemade cordial and dehydrated quince to garnish. Expertly made by NO 2 ANDREYAndrey Schmalback Martinez from The Langham Hotel.

What you need:

50ml Tio Pepe Fino
20ml Calvados
30ml Homemade Quince Cordial
10ml Sparkling Water

How to make it:

Add the Tio Pepe, calvados and homemade quince cordial to a mixing glass then fill with ice. Stir for a few seconds before straining into a coupette.

In a mixing glass add 50ml of Tio Pepe, 20ml of calvados and 30ml of the homemade quince cordial. Add ice, stir for a few seconds then strain into a coupette. Top with 10ml of sparkling water and garnish with a caperberry, which needs to be added into the drink, and a dehydrated quince roll, to be placed on top of the glass.