Feria de Jerez – Live!

The Feria de Jerez is an experience that no sherry-fan should miss:  A week-long fiesta where the celebrations revolve around enjoying chilled glasses of Fino with delicious Spanish tapas!  If you’re not one of the lucky ones hopping on a flight to Jerez this week, why not tune in to to see what you are missing?

Feria de Jerez

This week-long festival, also known as the Feria de Caballos (The Horse Fair) is an annual event that takes place each May in the birth place of Tio Pepe.  An elaborate, temporary village of Casetas (restaurants) springs up out of nowhere and brings both locals and visitors from around the world flocking to enjoy the horse parade, Flamenco and, of course, the local food and drink.  The town is buzzing, day and night, with people wandering in and out of the Casetas, grazing on plates of tapas accompanied by chilled glasses of Fino and watching the world go by.

Feria de Jerez

For the first time, a live web link will allow you to view the Feria as the party goes on. will be showing the events of the week as they unfold, including a mixture of English and Spanish interviews, Flamenco dancing and the famous horse parade.  Take a look and you may capture some of the magic of the Feria. However, without the warmth of the Andalucian sunshine and a glass of Tio Pepe in your hand you may find that there really is no substitute for being there!

To see live coverage of the Feria de Jerez go to  You must be 18 or over to view this site.  If you are 18 or over, press the button marked “Acceder a Tio Pepe TV” and sit back and enjoy!