It’s all go in Jerez for harvest 2016!

That time of year is upon us, the grapes are ready and the perfectly organised Palomino chaos is in full swing. Head winemaker, Antonio Flores received the first of this year’s grapes at the bodega on Thursday 18th August, slightly later than usual due to some peculiar weather throughout the year. Winter and early spring were much drier than usual, with unexpected torrential downpours in early May. However, overall the year has been drier than normal and due to our privileged location in the Jerez Superior region and the influence of the dry Levante wind, the vineyards of Gonzalez Byass avoided any trouble, resulting in a healthy 2016 vintage.

The majority of the harvest takes place during night time so the grapes arrive at the winery in a cooler state ready to be pressed and begin their journey through the solera to become spectacular sherries such as our iconic Tio Pepe Fino. The harvest will be completed over the next few days, when fiesta time will commence!