Legendary Tio Pepe neon sign returns to its Madrid home

Tio Pepe SolAfter a three year absence the iconic Tio Pepe neon sign, which has dominated the skyline of Madrid’s central square, La Puerta del Sol, since 1936, has returned to its rightful place on the 8th May 2014.

On 8th May, 2014, Madrid will once again bask in the glow of Andalucian light as the world famous Tio Pepe neon sign is re-lit after a three year absence. Gonzalez Byass and the people of Madrid are delighted at the return of the landmark to its new site above number 11, Puerta del Sol.

The sign was removed from Madrid’s renowned square over the course of 2011, due to refurbishment work being carried out on the original building that had been its home since 1936, number 1 Puerta del Sol. Withstanding the Civil War and numerous changes in government this icon was given an official pardon in 2009 to remain above the Puerta del Sol in perpetuity, when many similar signs were being removed from Madrid’s rooftops, such was the status of the Tio Pepe “Luminoso”, as it is known in Spain.

The new sign will be lit, once again on the 8th May, weighing in at a total 23,960 Kgs., some 40 tonnes lighter than its previous weight and with a total height of 8.2 metres and 23.9 metres in length.

Commenting on the reinstatement of one Spain’s most famous pieces of advertising and his family’s most famous brand, Mauricio González Gordon, fifth generation family member and current Chairman  of the company said, “It is a joy for us to see the Tio Pepe sign back, shining over the Madrid skyline. The amount of affection that has been demonstrated by the residents of Madrid over the past three years has been quite amazing, we did not fully appreciate how much this neon sign meant to people here in Spain and abroad until it was taken down.”

He continues, “We are delighted however to have had the chance to refurbish the sign which now boasts a much lighter structure and will  certainly shine out as a beacon for Sherry lovers worldwide in the heart of our capital.”