Pio X 1903: A rare treasure

2 - PIO X + CANISTERIn our bodega, in a hidden cellar under the Tio Pepe barrel stores, we have discovered a rare treasure. Pio X 1903 – a very rare, sweet Moscatel dedicated to the Pope by our founder’s son in 1903.

Made before phylloxera hit the Jerez vineyards from Moscatel Menudo Blanco, one of forty permitted grape varieties at the time, this wine has never been fortified, and has 9% alcohol. It comes from just one cask, enough for 120 bottles. 100 have been released onto the market, while the 20 remaining bottles will remain under lock and key in the family’s cellars.

Antonio Flores, head winemaker at Gonzalez Byass describes Pio X 1903 as well balanced, with astonishing freshness and complexity, and notes of dried figs, walnuts, treacle, lacquer and coffee. It shows remarkable vigour despite its lengthy ageing in cask.

Bottles of this incredible wine are expected to retail over £1000. Pio X 1903 will be tricky to come by due to demand and limited supply, but if you’re interested in getting your hands on a bottle please email for the current stockists.