Tio Pepe Toothpaste

Tio Pepe toothpasteThis week I had my very first experience of Tio Pepe Toothpaste.  I’d heard all about it a couple of years ago when James Fowler and his team at The Larder House restaurant in Dorset first came up with it, and I’ve been desperate to try it ever since. James created the fino sherry toothpaste as an unusual palate cleanser to serve between courses in his restaurant and he agreed to make us a special batch for an event this week.  Eating the blue edible paste, which is made up of Tio Pepe with a hint of both elderflower and mint, is a confusing experience.  It smells of fino but has a gell-like texture and, just like Tio Pepe, leaves your palate feeling clean and fresh. Unlike conventional toothpaste it doesn’t have the over-powering mint freshness that fights with food and drink, so would be the perfect solution, if only it actually cleaned your teeth as well!

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