Palmas Range

Una Palma

fino_1palma 2013Una Palma started life in Gonzalez Byass’ Tio Pepe solera. The wine was selected from rare casks which retained a delicate covering of Flor despite being more than six years old and was drawn from the casks during the 2015 ‘Saca de Otoño’ (Autumn), and bottled unfiltered and unclarified.

The ‘Palmas’ name refers to the mark chalked onto a fino cask by the cellar-master to indicate those casks where the micro-climate in that part of the bodega, and in that particular cask, have led to an abundant growth of flor on the surface of the wine. This marking is a line with marks added to this line to indicate the extent of the developing flor. Thus the marking starts to resemble a palm (palmas is Spanish for palm)

It is rare to flor to last for more than 5 years. Usually between one and four years the flor will start to become patchy as it dies and falls to the bottom of the wine. Thus the Palma Range with wines which have retained a flor from six to ten years are extremely rare examples of Fino wine.