Antonio Flores Pedregosa:

Our head winemaker, Antonio Flores, was literally born on top of the little cellar where the first Tio Pepe solera was laid, as his father previously formed part of the winemaking team and lived with his family on the winery premises, in an apartment that happened to be right above the original bodega dedicated to the founder’s Uncle José’s favourite Fino.

Antonio grew up playing amongst the Tio Pepe barrels, and eventually started his career as cellar-hand at González Byass. Extraordinarily talented and highly motived, he soon became part of the winemaking team and, in 1980, Chief Winemaker and Master Blender. In this role, he spends as much time among the barrels as in his childhood, as he now personally checks every barrel in the historic Tio Pepe bodega at least once every three months.

According to Antonio, there is nothing better than demonstrating the excellence of Sherries:

“When you have a glass of Jerez you must not only think that you are enjoying a great wine, but an enological miracle, based on our soil, grape varieties, ageing system – unique only to Jerez – and the knowledge that has been passed down through generations dedicated to caring for our wines.”